After recieving a B.A. in History from  U.C. Santa Barbara, I traveled & landed in New York City where I received a lesson in style and culture.  I made my way back to L.A….more specifically to Laurel Canyon , the small artistic community where I grew up, and settled in & went back to school for formal design training at UCLA's  school of architecture & design. When my daughter lulu was born, I became committed to creating a nursery for her from products made locally and sustainably, from low v.o.c. paints, as well as formaldehyde free products, to create a healthy sustainable environment for her and our earth. Out of this principle commitment to be not only trendsetting, but also environmentally friendly & socially responsible came cambasdesign&company. Our Made in L.A. core has launched products for baby, for children, and now products for the home. We have grown over the past 8 years into a full service firm providing everything for our clients from residential plan build sets to custom samples for all our furnishings. We strive to  provide the best for our clients in all our products & services.